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A Held several executive roles in the field of global petrochemical business ,operations , Petchem  upstream (Oil and gas). Possessed a wealth of capabilities to build teams, lead people, business, technical and financial aspects. Led Sabic global basic chemicals (Olefins &Gases) as well as built relations with the industry leaders and partners including NOCs and Feedstock suppliers in KSA and several global companies. Assumed several executive roles in various Sabic affiliates boards , Sabic corporate business units and several (listed& non-listed) private companies.

The VP Olefins global role covered Sabic global olefins &gasses assets with an accountability revenues amounting 18 Bln US$ . Possessed a sound reputation thrugh experiencing different previous leadership roles such as VP-  OTC - Oil to Chemical (US$ 22 Billion project & business line ) , Sabtank-President, GM Operations-Petrokemya, GM Operations –United, in addition to several administrative leadership roles in Sabic group.

Acquired good knowledge in the full range of chemical, polymer marketing
and sales. Represented Sabic as speaker in several occasions & conferences.

Boards Membership

Board Chairman - Saudi Paper Group Publically listed company Oct 2018 till date

Board Chairman - SAMEC Group, Private Trading and Cont. Co. 1 Jan 2018 till date

Board Member   - East Gas Co , Private closed partnership co March 2020 till date

Board Chairman - Sabic Chemical storage Terminal company2014-2015

Board Member   - Saudi Kayan , publicly listed company 2015 - 2016

Board Member   - Jubail Petrochemical company (Kemya) -Sabic affiliate Co 2015-2016

Board Member   - Yanbu Petrochemical Company (Yanpet)- Sabic affiliate Co 2015-2016

Academic Qualification

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering/ King Fahad University 
of Petroleum & Mineral (KFUPM) in Dhahran. (11-9-1994)


25 Years 



A Saudi Entrepreneur deliberating to establish fruitful businesses with well renowned renewable energy, Oil & Gas and petrochemical industrial services and environmental companies.


  • Entrepreneur since April 2014

  • Chairman of the Board of Manarah Shada Holding Company

  • CEO of Continuous Improvement Co. Ltd. (Kaizen)

  • Investments in Metal Deck Profiling Machine Production

  • Manager, Government Relation & ID System: SABIC Terminal Services Co. (January 2013 – April 2014)

  • Chief, Government Relation: SABIC Terminal Services Co. (September 2012 – December 2012)

  • Chief, Government Relation & Administration: SABIC Chemical Storage & Services Co. (August 2011 – August 2012)

  • General Government Relation Supervisor: SABIC Terminal Services Co.(January 2008 - July 2010)

  • Government Relation Analyst: SABIC Terminal Services Co. (April 2005 – December 2007)



Experience for more than 12 years in the field of public administration and administrative development , preparing plans, executive programs ,providing appropriate solutions to problems ,following up the work progress properly , contributing to setting the main goals, participating in the review , approving job descriptions for all positions and participating in studying investments and future plans for the company . 


  • Bachelor Degree in Business Management - 2020 


  • Vice President at Arabian Consolidated Trading Company & Jubail Pallet Plant.

  • CEO at Manarat Shatha Holding Company.

  • Member of the Board of Directors at Sanad Industrial Company.

  • Business development Manager at Arabian Consolidated Company (2011 -2013)

  • Director Manager at Arabian Consolidated Establishment (2008 – 2010).



PMP Certified Project Management Professional, CIPM Certified
International Project Manager, CPPM Certified Practical Project Manager

Holds Mechanical Engineering, from KFUPM University in 1995, held several positions in project management internationally and in Saudi Arabia.

Developed Valuable experience in Project Management. progressed from project engineering to program management through the execution of various types of Industrial and commercial projects.; Gas Oil Separation Plant, Refinery Upgrade, Sulfer Export Plant, Pipe lines, Bulk Plants, Industrial Tanks Terminals, Office Buildings Construction, Water Treatment Plant Construction. Saudi Aramco and other Industrial and Petrochemical companies projects.


Holds certifications from PMI, USA, as a Project Management Professional (PMP) through the course of his career. Received certification from Hong Kong for being Certified Practical Projects Manager (CPPM) and Certified International Projects Manager (CIPM) from Australia.


Expertise in; Project & Program Management, Projects/Program Controls, Organizational Change Management, Business Processes and Procedures Development and Implementation, Developing and Training Professionals in Project Management, and Team Building & Leadership. 


Experience more than 20 years in the petroleum industry. Has outstanding talents in planning, developing project scope, team building, budget management, cost avoidance, continuous design improvements, contracting, and quality assurance.

Skills Profile

  • Outstanding knowledge of the practical application of different engineering disciplines particularly mechanical. This includes applying principles, techniques, procedures, and equipment to the design and production of various industrial projects.

  • Proficiency in business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, leadership technique, and coordination of people and resources.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Solving and identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implementing solutions.

  • Excellent in design techniques, tools, and principals involved in production of precision technical plans, blueprints, drawings, and specifications.

  • Mastering of critical thinking using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.

  • Proven knowledge of analysis, controlling and reporting of projects status (time and cost management).

  • Exceptional ability to take initiative and consistently bring necessary tasks to completion

  • Ability to achieve the desired results in a fast paced, highly competitive, multi-tasking environment.

  • Remarkable ability to manage multiple tasks maintaining high quality results.

  • Designing and implementing cost-effective tools to help improve safety, and reliability.

  • Excellent in providing technical (design/construction/commissioning) support.


Director -Chemtank/Sabic (03/2018-Present)

Sr. Manager Technical Assets - Chemtank/Sabic  (05/2014- 03/2018)

President/Projects Executive - SAMEC, Jubail (11/2012- 05/2014)

GM - SAMEC, Jubail  (12/2011-10/2012)

Senior Projects Engineer -Saudi Aramco  (07/1996- 11/2011)

Plant Mechanical Engineer  - Sealine Water Conversion Corporation, Jubail (07/1995 – 06/1996)

  • Develop, supervise and execute design, procurement, construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning of engineered multi-million-dollar projects, including methods for guidance, control and corrective action to ensure a safe operable and economic design within the framework of the project budget, material requirements, specifications and schedule.

  • Conduct field and construction site inspections; ensure contractor compliance with contract documents, time and budget estimates in addition to recommend field changes.

  • Frequent contact and coordination with concerned company’s organizations, contractors, specialized consultant, suppliers and engineering firms and outside legal entity.

  • Perform mechanical engineering responsibilities surrounding: mechanical devices, components, transportation equipment, environmental control, materials handling, and machine tools.

  • Supervise, coordinates and directs preparation of project proposals, budgetary brief, budget estimates, expenditure requests and authorizations for expenditures.

  • Supervise and coordinate overall planning, control and appraisal of the project as defined by the approved scope.

  • Participate in Value Engineering sessions which resulted in projects/program added value.

  • Responsible for maintaining project records including drawings, specifications, logs, reports and project correspondence

  • Approves contract payment and variations within limits of authority; endorse and forward to higher authority.

  • Supervise, coordinate and manage planning to adjust an unanticipated change in management, scope, time, materials/equipment delivery and cost.

  • Participate in construction activities, pre-commissioning, commissioning and function test activities  for new and revamp of multi-million projects.

  • Interface with Project Management Teams (PMT), Consulting Services & Inspection organizations, capital project contractors, equipment manufactures and various company’s organizations.

  • Member and representative of claim committee to settle contracts claims.

  • Involve in Best Practices Program as a coordinator in different projects.

  • Full awareness of Hot Tap activity for tanks and piping.

  • Awareness of various codes and standards.

  • Leading scope optimization exercise and workshop for more than $300MM program.

  • Facilitating project risk assessment session for multi millions of projects.

  • Investigating and testing ideas to improve existing systems or to overcome machinery or process problems.

  • Fabricate parts, install, test and adjust to make sure they run smoothly and safely to meet performance and project’s time line targets.

  • Carry out preventive maintenance, identify fault in equipment’s and machinery to coordinate the repairing process with all concerned organizations.

  • Prepare monthly reports of mechanical equipment’s, projects and other related activities under areas of responsibility.

  • Work as Mega Project’s consultant with Sinopec for proper project execution in terms of engineering, procurement and construction.

  • Prepare company’s cash flow.


Awards & Recognitions

  • Recognition in Innovative Ideas & Commitment in introducing the company’s Saudization Reconciliation Format for Construction Contractor Saudization

  • Recognition in Diligent Work and Endurance in Remote Areas

  • Recognition for contribution to a successful in kingdom 500-million-dollar major refinery project execution

  •  Recognition for supporting and quick response at Jeddah refinery during the sudden and sever storm and heavy rain that affect Jeddah refinery in April 2005

  • Recognition in contribution to transfer the corporate in line with the company strategy map

  • Recognition in smooth turn over, establishing good operations and safe commissioning of Abha’s bulk plant  

  • Recognition for an excellent performance in completing Median bulk plant project proposal in less than 3 months

  • Recognition for self-development and strive to successfully obtaining PMP certification in year 2004

  • Tow Recognitions for contributing a valuable lesson learned to project management’s lesson learned Program

  • Recognition in execution and completing successfully the Two Grads of Gasoline and Additional Capacity Program

  • Recognition of closing all Exception Items in timely manner for Abha Bulk Plant Project

  • Recognition in successful completion of rebuild the degassing tank at Safanya GOSP-1 one month ahead of scheduled completion date

  • Successful on-time completion of Project Proposal for Expand Crude Unit Capacity-Yanbu Refinery Project using In-Kingdom PMS Contractor for the first time.

  • Recognition in outstanding performance in completing the “Emergency Restoration” of Truck Loading Rack at North Riyadh Bulk Plant caused by fire accident occurred on August 11, 2008 within a recordable duration of 14 days, including preparation of restoration schedule and design package, allocate resources, mobilize required materials, demolish damaged facility and construct and commission required scope in short timing. As a result, Saudi Aramco/CRDD was able to resume products distribution and satisfy all suppliers and local market needs.


  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Mechanical Engineering   7/1995

       King Fahad University of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

   Professional Courses

  • Attended more than 75-Seventy-Five Management and Technical courses which have improved his knowledge and experience.

  • Attended an extensive mechanical maintenance engineering program earning 450 credit hours.

  •  PMP Certified Project Management Professional.

  •  CIPM Certified International Project Manager.

  • CPPM Certified Practical Project Manager.


Last Three Years Rating (Sabic)

  • 2014: Excellent

  •  2015: Strong

  •  2016: Excellent

 Last Five Years Rating (Saudi Aramco)

  • 2006: Outstanding (S)

  • 2007: Excellent (E)

  • 2008: Outstanding (S)

  • 2009: Outstanding (S)

  • 2010: Outstanding (S)



Retired Brigadier-General.

Eastern Province Police.

Holds a Bachelor of Security Sciences, King Fahd Security College, Security Sciences Major.

Training courses, seminars, lectures and workshops the program
Criminal records 1434 H, Ministry of Interior/National Information Center.

Development of Leadership Skills 1424 H, Institute of Public Administration
Methods of criminal registration 1423 H, Naif Arab University for Security Sciences – Yemen.

Development of planning skills 1422 H, Institute of Public Administration
Criminal Investigation Managers Conference 1422 H, The United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi.

Heads of criminal investigation departments 1422 H, The Egyptian Arabic Republic.

Criminal Investigation Managers Conference 1420 H, Riyadh.

Supervisory skills development 1420 H, Institute of Public Administration
Majoring in criminal investigation 1409 H, King Fahd Security College.


Advisor at the Ministry of Interior

Ministry of Interior - Civil Affairs - (1440-1437)

Director of Railway Police center

Ministry of Interior - Eastern province Police -  (1437/07-1432/05)

Director of the Supply Division, Khobar Police center

Ministry of Interior - Eastern province Police -  (1432/04-1430/11)

Assistant Director of Railway Police center

Ministry of Interior - Eastern province Police -  (1430/10-1423/07)

Director of Criminal Investigation and Research Department

Ministry of Interior - Eastern province Police -  (1423/06-1419/01)

Director of Al-Sa`ira Police center

Ministry of Interior - Eastern province Police -  (1419/01-1413/01)

Director of the Iraqi Refugee Police center (Rafha)

Ministry of Interior -  Northern Borders Province Police -  (1412/10-1411)

criminal investigator at Rafha Police center

Ministry of Interior -  Northern Borders Province Police -  (1411/10-1408/05)

criminal investigator at Dammam Police center

Ministry of Interior - Eastern province Police -  (1408/05-1406/09)


  • Computer and Internet

  • Information Security Programs 

  • Information Programs

  •  Internet and Electronic Governance

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